Grace has got a new cellmate!

It looks like life’s going to become difficult for Grace when Reenie McQueen becomes her new cellmate.

Meanwhile, when Lindsey won’t tell Kim where their sister, Kath, has been moved to, Kim goes back to Kath’s old care home and trashes the empty room. But Kim’s outburst is all part of her elaborate plan to get herself arrested, so that she can be closer to an imprisoned Grace.

Harry and Zack are excited when they hear they could be scouted for the county football team. However, it looks like Harry has ruined his footballing chances when he defends Dylan against two of the team’s players who are bullying him.

Also, Sinead introduces cousin Scott to John Paul and Ste. Scott has been hired as Patrick’s PA and makes it his mission to get closer to John Paul at school – does he have an ulterior motive?