Grace highlights Les for Jay’s murder

DC Grace Dasari is stunned by the death of Jay Newman, her key witness in the attack on drug dealer Gavin Henshaw. CSE Eddie Olosunje suspects Jay was pushed from a balcony, but says there’s a chance he jumped. Later, Grace informs Jay’s parents, Tash and Bernie, about his death and a grieving Tash slaps Grace, accusing her of not protecting her son.

Local thug Les Cooper, who Jay identified as Gavin’s attacker, is arrested for Jay’s murder, after he’s found in a hair salon with a bag full of foreign currency and passports, attempting to change his identity. When questioned, Les denies killing Jay and, when his alibi checks out, Grace has to consider the possibility that Jay committed suicide.

The officers soon discover that Jay had a stash of heroin that he had found at Gavin’s house and that Marcus Kendall, Gavin’s supplier, was after Jay and the drugs. Marcus’s phone is tracked to a car park where he clocks spying officers. Desperate to escape them, Marcus speeds off – but he spins out of control and smashes straight into another vehicle.