Grace investigates one last case

It’s DC Grace Dasari’s last day and she’s on the case of three teens who collapsed at a bar after taking uncut cocaine. At the victims’ school, Pcs Diane Noble and Sally Armstrong break up a fight between Mandy Ward and Kelly Burgess, and as Mandy starts fitting, the officers spot a wrap of cocaine fall out of her pocket.

Kelly tells Grace that Mandy was jealous of the time she spent with her boyfriend Rory Tyler and that she had no idea Mandy took drugs. After further investigation, DC Jo Masters talks to a Carl Franklyn, who was on the bar’s CCTV. But they are forced to release him due to lack of evidence.

As Mandy recovers in hospital, DS Phil Hunter and Grace search her bedroom and find a stash of cocaine. After learning that one of the victims has named Kelly as their supplier, the officers head back to the school – and they are shocked to learn that Kelly has been seen being dragged into a car by a man with a knife.

Later that day, the team are pleased when Grace reveals she’s staying at Sun Hill. Then there’s a shock announcement from Phil…