Grace is given an ultimatum

Matthew follows Carl and he’s furious when his suspicions are confirmed and he sees Carl visiting Grace. Matthew phones Grace’s boss Vaughn with the news and Vaughn threatens to suspend her. Grace protests that she is only seeing Carl to try to uncover the identity of Tom’s murderer. Vaughn tells Grace she’s got 24 hours to get a statement from Carl, or her career is over.

David is smitten by Nicola, which has sweetened the sale of his cleaning business. Jasmine is unimpressed by David’s obsession with his new boss. Meanwhile, Nicola makes plans for her grand return to the village and she goes to look round her new home, Holdgate Farm.

Kelly has given Debbie her blackmail money and she lies to Jimmy that she spent the money on a veil. Debbie demands more cash from Kelly, but Kelly is furious. Carrie watches them talking from a distance and she realises that something is going on. Carrie offers to do business with Debbie if she’ll confess to what she is up to with Kelly. Debbie turns her down.

Also, Viv wants Jasmine to help her write a childcare book; Laurel’s plan to matchmake Emily and the Bishop seems to be working.