Grace is on the warpath!

Sienna damages Grace’s wedding car in a fit of rage and tells Ben she doesn’t want to be with him. Nico comes home to find Ben going through Sienna’s emails and he blows up when she tells him the truth about Sienna’s affair. Meanwhile, Nancy tells Maxine what she saw last night. Grace is furious that her tyres have been slashed and tells Darren to replace them, but she then finds his betting book and the bets he’s been taking on her wedding.

Elsewhere, it’s the morning after the night before for John Paul and James. James talks John Paul into spending the day with him but, as they walk through the village, they bump in to Scott who hides his hurt. John Paul has called in sick to work and Scott tells Sally what he’s really up to. Later, John Paul finds a stack of money under James’s bed.