Grace lies in wait for Sienna

Grace Black puts her plan into action – with dramatic consequences for one Hollyoaks resident...

As Warren threatens Maxine and Darren to leave him alone before things turn nasty, Grace swipes Warren’s phone and keys. Warren meets Grace for lunch and she gives him a gun, which he immediately pushes back to her, leaving his prints all over it. Grace texts Sienna from Warren’s phone and waits for her at the garage. When the garage door opens, Grace fires the gun – but it’s Liam she shoots, not Sienna!

Meanwhile, Jesse’s avoiding Celine so she doesn’t find out that she burnt him yesterday – but he can’t avoid her when he goes to the hospital and she’s left mortified. There’s no harm done, though, as Jesse tells Celine he really likes her and they kiss.

Also, Nico’s obsession with Peri is intensifying as they enjoy a picnic in The Folly. But she’s furious when Tom and baby Steph return.

And Adam tells Maxine how he feels and they go on a date.