Freddie goes to the McQueens and asks Mercedes to help distract Grace on Wednesday so he can steal the shipment. At The Loft, Freddie introduces Grace to their new bar manager, Mercedes. Mercedes, Freddie and Ste meet up to discuss their plan.

Sinead and Diane find the video of the attack on Finn’s laptop and are shocked to hear Blessing calling his name. Finn lies that Blessing was calling out to him for help and that Robbie made him film the attack.

Esther is becoming increasingly jumpy and Nancy finds photos of the exam paper on Esther’s phone. Esther admits to stealing the exam papers forcing Nancy to apologise to Robbie. Nancy gives Robbie an alibi when Sonny questions where he was when Blessing was attacked. She’s surprised when she sees Robbie coming out of Patrick’s office. He’s confessed to taking the exam paper so that she doesn’t get punished. Nancy’s overwhelmed and when Robbie kisses her, she reciprocates…

Also, Darren worries when he receives a message from the hospital about making an urgent appointment to get his blood test results.