Grace parties hard at her hen do!

Feeling pressured when Ben suggests trying for a baby, Sienna escapes to Grace’s hen do. When Esther forgets to hire a stripper, Trevor foots the bill and Grace is delighted with her three hunky dancers (aka The Dreamboys). Trevor makes his excuses when he sees an upset Sienna run out of the club. As Trevor catches up with her, Sienna tells him she wants to leave Ben. Elsewhere, Darren is placing bets on how long Trevor and Grace’s marriage will last as Nancy sees Trevor and Sienna get into a car together…

Myra shows John Paul a teddy and a letter that Sally sent him after he was born – then goes to confront Sally. Meanwhile, Scott organises a fairy light surprise for John Paul in The Folly but the guilt about Sally is eating him up and he comes clean that he knew about Sally being his father. Later, John Paul bumps into James who has turned on the charm. Scott goes round to the McQueens’ with a big bunch of flowers to apologise… but John Paul is already with James!