Grace takes Ste to Trevor’s flat and ties him to the bed, telling him that if he ever wants to see the light of day again, he’s going to have to tell the truth about Fraser. Tegan is horrified when she finds a lifeless Ste in The Loft yard. She helps him up and he tells her what’s happened. Tegan decides to tell her mum but Ste asks her not to; he can’t remember what happened the night Fraser died.

Leela feels awkward when Tegan sets her up on a date with Ziggy. She agrees to go and turns up looking like a million dollars. During the date, Ziggy gets a text from Nana telling him he’s ‘online in 5 minutes’. He heads to the toilets to do a video chat, but Leela catches him and tips a vase of water over his head!

Meanwhile, Sienna confides in a teary-eyed Peri that she has a daughter and is elated when Peri offers to help her find Sophie. Later, she’s frustrated that everyone is playing happy families again so she sets up an online profile for Danny on a gay dating site.

Meanwhile, George is logged in to the same site and is intrigued by the new user ‘SexyStranger007’.