Grace vows to get revenge

Trevor is in court for possession with intent to supply and he’s confident he’ll walk free until Fraser pressures him to plead guilty as punishment for sleeping with Grace again. Grace is heartbroken and out for revenge when Trevor tells her Freddie told Fraser about them.

When a devastated Sinead interrupts an awkward moment between Lindsey and Freddie in the kitchen, her paranoia is piqued. Convinced Freddie and Lindsey are sleeping together, she asks Robbie to help her get her own back and makes a terrible mistake by sleeping with him. 

John Paul bites the bullet and goes into school. He’s terrified as he goes back to the scene of the crime and faces his students, but is relieved to see Finn isn’t there. However, when Finn turns up late, both abuser and victim doesn’t know how the other’s going to react. Alone in the classroom again, Finn feels powerful and tells John Paul he brought it on himself.

Back at home, John Paul is horrified to see Nana has washed his clothes from last night – they were his last bit of evidence. Sam is worried about John Paul and goes to the McQueens to see him. She promises to be there for him, whenever he needs a hug.