Graeme moves in on Tina

David is furious with Tina for betraying him and dumping him. Gail tells David that he has got no one to blame but himself for Tina walking out. Graeme infuriates David when he quips that he’s going to make a move on Tina now that she is a free agent. The ever-forgiving Gail tries to talk to Tina to get her to give David another chance, but she is thwarted by the arrival of Graeme bringing Tina flowers.

Peter returns home from Portsmouth and Leanne is delighted to see him. He tells her that it was only the thought of her and Simon that kept him going while he was in rehab. The couple spend the afternoon in bed unaware that a woman has arrived on the street looking for Peter…

Norris and Mary go for a practice run in the motor home and Norris tells a thrilled Mary that he would love to go travelling with her. Emily is worried however that Norris has only agreed to something so drastic because he feels sidelined by Colin’s relationship with Rita.

Also, Becky asks Hayley to make her a wedding dress covered in sequins; Ken makes an excuse to Deirdre so he can visit Martha.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Leanne is completely thrown when a woman called Christina turns up at the bookies asking after Peter and reveals that she and Peter spent a couple of weeks together on her father’s yacht! Peter is forced to come clean to Leanne and confesses that he left rehab to crew a yacht with a mate and ended up having a fling with Christina. Leanne is furious and rethinks whether to stay in the street.

Deirdre tells a distracted Ken how well Peter and Leanne are getting on, little realising that there’s a drama going on down at the bookies. Deirdre doesn’t know that the sins of the father have been repeated by the son and are still being repeated by the father!

Roy does his best to try and convince Liz that Becky has a heart of gold and that Liz should really try and see the good in her. Meanwhile, Lloyd confesses that he lied about his whereabouts on Friday because he was skint and couldn’t afford to take Liz out.

Also, Norris and Mary discuss the places they could visit in the motor home, but Rita is quietly worried that Norris’s heart is really not in this road trip.

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