Graeme’s unsure of Xin…

Xin visits Tina on the street, but she’s concerned to hear about Xin’s problems with her landlord. Tina suggests to Graeme that they let her move into the flat till she sorts herself out, but he’s unsure.

Janice can’t believe Leanne is giving up so easily and urges her to talk to Peter one last time before she goes. Leanne begs him to believe how much she loves him and Simon, but Peter’s harsh as he tells her to get her things and go. It’s painful for Peter to tell her the truth, especially when Leanne states what time she’s leaving, claiming if he doesn’t want her to go he just needs to say. She finally decides to cut her losses and leave. But Peter’s resolve weakens as Leanne says an emotional goodbye to Simon.

Sally solicits Kevin’s help to deal with Sophie. She doesn’t react well to the news that Sophie’s been thrown out of college and asks Kevin to talk to her. Sophie explains it feels like no one cares any more, and Kevin tries to reassure her it’s not true.

Also, the McDonalds return to the pub as Steve prepares to tell Tracy there’s no job for her now Becky’s back.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Leanne struggles to contain her emotions as she gets into a cab for the station. Simon watches in tears as Peter feigns indifference. But Ken insists anything can be forgiven in time and nothing can change the fact that Leanne’s the best thing that ever happened to Peter and Simon. Peter bundles Simon into a cab and races to the station, but he’s too late as the train pulls out. As Peter comforts Simon he spots Leanne on the platform having been unable to get on the train. They cling to each other and Peter asks her to come home.

Later, Peter‘s furious when Steve tells Tracy she can stay on at the pub. Becky lays into him, but when Steve reveals he’s terrified she’ll take Amy away if he doesn’t play ball Becky seethes.

Xin’s lifeline appears to be snatched away. When Graeme reveals to Dev that Xin is moving into the flat with them he insists she pay extra rent. Xin can’t afford it, but as she rushes off in tears Tina wonders if there’s more to this than meet the eye.

Also, Sophie asks the Alahans for more shifts at the shop. She’s not sure she wants to back to college even if they’d have her.

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