Grand Designs: House of the Year – C4

Kevin McCloud reveals the winner of the C4 Grand Designs: House of the Year, in this the last heat of the hotly contested competition

It’s time for the big reveal on this week’s C4’s Grand Designs: which property has won the Royal Institute of British Architects House of the Year?

But first, host Kevin McCloud shows us round the last lot of unique homes vying to make it on to the shortlist (for full listings, see our TV Guide).

There are two London houses, one built with incredible attention to detail and one with a copper roof, a concrete house in Warwickshire known as the Ghost House (pictured top), a timber Devon ‘wedge’ hidden in an arboretum, and a Welsh home covered in locally quarried stone and slate.

Green House Grand Designs: House of the Year

Will this ‘wedge’ in Devon get the judges’ vote on Grand Designs: House of the Year on C4?

Which will make the final seven and possibly go on to win the coveted title?

TV Times rating: ****