Anita Dobson guest stars in Casualty as a glamorous granny trying to hold her family together!

Business is booming at a local family-run fairground that’s full of Easter fun-seekers. But the family who’ve run the fairground aren’t having such a great time…

Trying desperately to hold things together for her unhappy family is Ruth Boswell, played by Anita Dobson who’s best remembered as tragic pub landlady Angie Watts in EastEnders back in the 1980s. Since the death of her daughter from cancer, supergran Ruth has been the one tower of strength in the family, forever helping out her stressed son-in-law Rickie and grieving teenage grandson Alex.

Cash-strapped Rickie relies heavily on sympathetic Ruth to help run the fun-fair business. But his son, Alex, is less sympathetic towards his unreliable father who’s always making constant demands on both Ruth and Alex and is forever disappearing.

Then the family’s problems get even worse when Ruth collapses in severe pain and is rushed to Holby’s emergency department!

While in hospital, Ruth’s doctor, Tom, confronts her about a condition she’s been hiding from her vulnerable grandson and son-in law – she’s got cancer and is refusing treatment, as she doesn’t want to put them through any more trauma.

Elsewhere ED nurse Robyn has bunked off to spend the day at the funfair with old school pal, only for things to go horribly wrong when a drug addict runs onto the tracks of the ghost train!

Back at the hospital Ash sends Tom home after an altercation with Rickie.