Grant is back in Albert Square!

Phil struggles with the thought of losing Peggy, pushing everyone away. As Shirley opens up about her own losses, Phil is given food for thought. Doing everything he can to support his mum, Phil is stunned when they get a visitor… It’s Grant!

Stacey sees Peggy and the two talk, but Peggy doesn’t let on that she’s unwell. After a heart-to-heart about the past, Stacey is touched to realise that Peggy has forgiven her for everything that happened with Archie. After Peggy encourages Stacey to live her life and enjoy it, Stacey happily heads off to The Vic with Martin for their hen and stag parties.

Ian is conflicted when he learns that CostMart want to sign the deal for Beale’s today. Matters are made worse when he sees a newspaper article slamming his decision to sell the restaurant. After being given a reality check from Peggy, Ian senses that all is not well. Confronting Phil, Ian learns that Peggy is dying. Trying to explain his reason behind selling Beale’s, Ian is thoughtful when Phil insists that Bobby won’t change.

Returning home, Ian tells Jane and Kathy that he’s keeping the restaurant and Bobby won’t be able to return to school!

For more watch our video with Adam Woodyatt, who talks about Ian’s encounter with Peggy and his capitialist dreams