Grant makes a complaint against Angelo

Ruby moves back in with Irene, there is obvious attraction between her and Geoff. Ruby admits to Annie she is confused about her feelings towards Xavier, although she doesn’t mention Geoff. Xavier tries to talk to Ruby when she spots Grant in the Diner.

Xavier introduces himself to Grant, but Ruby is furious at him. Ruby is terrified; Charlie promises to take care of it. Ruby tells Geoff about what happened with Grant. Romeo sees her and Geoff and assumes they are going out – Ruby feels bad, goes to see Xavier and tells him about Grant.

Angelo urges Grant to leave or else. Grant responds by making an official complaint about Angelo. Charlie tells Angelo not to make things worse. Later, Alf is locking up the Surf Club when he discovers a body – it’s Grant. He’s been murdered.

Sid insists that he didn’t encourage Nicole and Miles believes him and decides something must be done. Nicole gets a text from Sid and goes to see him. She discovers him coming out of the bedroom with Nurse Therese. Nicole is devastated. Miles goes around to visit Sid to thank him for doing what he did. Sid decides to leave the bay and make it right with his family.