In Granchester this week, Geordie suspects foul play when a computer laboratory head dies from mercury poisoning, working with Leonard to uncover the surprisingly messy love lives of the man’s colleagues

It’s a brave new world Geordie finds himself in.

First Cathy takes him to get fitted for a fancy new suit, then Geordie finds himself investigating a case that takes him to a gay bar.

Luckily, he’s got the perfect wingman, and Leonard (Al Weaver) jumps at the chance to be a detective for the day.

The only problem is, he’s not quite as good at police work as he thinks he is… hilarity ensues!

TV Times rating: ****


Grantchester S4 ep 3

Al Weaver as Leonard Finch

Now that Sidney has walked off into the sunset with his new girlfriend, Grantchester needs a new crime-fighting clergyman.

Step forward Will Davenport, who arrived on his motorbike last week, and now takes over as the local vicar.

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Tom Brittany as Rev Will Davenport

‘He’s young, ambitious and optimistic, and he’s using his position in the church to fight for equal rights and stand up for the common man,’ says Tom Brittney, who plays him. ‘He’s lovely and charming but underneath it there’s quite a dark side that will come out. There are secrets from his past that he buries inside…’

As Will settles in at the vicarage, some residents are wary of him, but it’s not long before he finds a friend in Geordie.

‘There’s friction with Leonard and Mrs C to start with, as there would be with someone new. Hopefully they will warm to him,’ says Tom. ‘But Geordie needs a vicar to help him – that’s how it works in Grantchester!’

And we’ll see more of Will in his leathers as Tom reveals he’ll be riding round catching villains on his motorbike!

‘When they offered me the job they gave me motorbike lessons,’ he says. ‘I’m loving it – born
to ride!’