Graves hits home with Dex

Dex is still pining over Graves and worried he will bump into her in public. Sid tells Dex to play it cool and act as though he doesn’t even know Graves is alive, but Dex misinterprets this advice and cracks onto Charlie instead. When Graves tells him to get over his subconscious need to replace his mother with an older woman, Dex is horrified and his crush on her dissolves.

Roo is worried that Alf is holding back information about Penn’s death. She finds him late at night burning something in the incinerator. She’s suspicious, but Alf assures her it’s just rubbish.

Xavier is worried about his mum – does she know where she stands with John? Gina tells John she wants him to move back in, on the condition they don’t discuss marriage just yet. Little does Gina know, John has bought an engagement ring for her. Xavier tells him to keep quiet about the ring.

Ruby is down in the dumps when she takes her driving test. Anticipating Ruby will fail, Charlie makes her a special dinner. Ruby comes home and reveals she passed. When she sees Charlie’s ‘failure dinner’ she’s offended that Charlie had no faith in her and storms off.

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