Gray disowns Rosemary!

*One-hour special*

Gray confronts Rosemary about her scheming and when he realises the extent of her terror campaign he is appalled and for a moment suspects her of murdering his father and Tom King. Rosemary insists she’s innocent of murder, but an angry Grayson throws her out of the house. Rosemary turns up at Paddy’s with a suitcase and tells him that as she owns half the vet’s, she’s moving in!

Jo is still in a mood with Andy, but when she sees the hot air balloon waiting in the field she realises that Andy has planned a surprise. Jo excitedly jumps in the basket while Andy goes to fetch their coats, but disaster strikes when one of the goats chews through the rope and Jo takes off! Andy, Jack and the balloon owner follow in the car until the balloon lands safely and Andy rushes up to Jo and presents her with the ring.

David is frustrated when one of the De Souza reps offer Betty a big wage rise to work for them and he’s forced into topping their offer. David storms round to confront Nicola but she’s unrepentant about her business tactics. A desperate David realises that he’ll have to undercut the De Souzas.