Gray makes a move on Katie

Gray has a heart to heart with Diane who advises him not to get too involved with Katie, but Gray insists he knows what he’s doing. Meanwhile, Katie goes to the Home Farm office to see if she can find Rosemary’s cardigan. Katie can’t find the cardie but when she bumps into Perdy she plays up to her and she tells Gray that she has had some success with Perdy. Gray is impressed and they kiss. Katie is triumphant.

Jasmine interviews Viv and Val about their loop-the-loop charity plane ride. Diane is angry with Val for continuing the pretence that she’s going to go through with the aerobatic display. Diane tells Viv what Val is up to and Val is shocked when the pair reveal that they’ve talked to the surgeon, who has rescheduled her operation for the afternoon so she can do the plane ride.

Miles goes looking for Nicola and he’s scandalised when he spies her and David getting passionate in the barn. Miles meets up with Donald in the pub and he tells his father what he’s seen, but Donald seems unbothered.

Also, Scarlett fails her mocks and Carrie suggests they go to Canada with Nick; Andy makes an enemy in prison when he clashes with inmate Charlie.