Gray punches Matt

Tyson teases VJ along the beach and Matt and Sasha witness the exchange. Matt suggests that VJ could set up Tyson by having Matt punch him in the face and claim it was Tyson. Sasha recommends it would be safer to paint a black eye. When Leah and Zac return home they realise the boys are lying. Later, Matt and Sasha take a walk along the beach, when Gray punches Matt in the face!

Denny forces Hannah to go to Nate’s barbecue and she invites herself along too! Watching Hannah and Nate talk from the kitchen, Sophie comes running out with a burn on her hand seeking Nate’s attention. Afterwards, Hannah asks Denny if she thinks Sophie was acting strange, but Denny thinks she’s over-thinking the situation.

Evelyn sees Josh walking along the beach. She goes over to comfort him, but he brushes her off; determined to show she cares, Evelyn heads to the Braxtons. Josh angrily tells her she wants to share his pain, but she can’t forgive him with his mistake with Maddy.