Gray realises how depraved Rosemary is

Perdy discovers the imprint of the ‘suicide’ note on Rosemary’s blotter and she shows it to Matthew in a panic. Matthew accompanies Perdy to the police station, but they dismiss her claims. gray is called to collect a nearly hysterical Perdy but he’s not sure what to believe. Grayson is horrified when he visits Perdy’s doctor and learns that Rosemary has been asking for malaria tablets for a spurious trip to Kenya and he realises that Perdy has been right about Rosemary all along.

David turns up to see the mysterious Mrs De Souza and the chair swivels round to reveal the former Miss Nicola Blackstock! David, of course, is unaware who Nicola is but he rejects her offer to sell his business and work for her as area manager. Nicola insists that she’ll get what she wants one way or another.

Jo is furious when Katie taunts her about not having an engagement ring or an engagement party. Meanwhile, Andy helps out the owner of a hot air balloon whose van has broken down and he formulates a plan. Andy secretly buys Jo a ring and plans a romantic surprise, unbeknown to Jo, who is still sulking!

Also, Jack misses Diane.