Gray stands up to Rosemary

Gray is surprised when the usually callous Rosemary offers him support over Perdy’s recent problems. But he soon realises that Rosemary is putting her own needs before him yet again when she suggests that he dump Perdy and find another woman who can provide him with an heir. Gray tells Rosemary in no uncertain terms that he loves his wife and will stand by her and Rosemary is furious.

Carrie’s determination not to move to the village is wavering and she accepts an invite from Jimmy to look round Mill Brook with a view to moving in. When Matthew reveals his plans to develop Mill Brook, a furious Carrie assumes that Jimmy is using her to get at Matthew. Carrie decides to stand her ground and Matthew is left speechless when Carrie announces that she and Scarlett will be moving in.

Turner is upset when Jasmine publishes an article in the Courier about the latest problems for the village pageant. Belle can’t keep her guilt to herself any longer and confesses to Rosemary that she let the cows ruin the floats. Rosemary talks Belle into confessing to Turner, but Belle is taken aback when a furious Turner demands she explain herself to Lisa.