Gray turns to Paul for comfort

Perdy thinks Grayson has let her down by having her sectioned despite his promises. Perdy insists that Rosemary set her up, but the doctor shows that the baby items were bought on Gray’s credit card, which only Perdy has access to. Gray visits Perdy and is hurt when she accuses him of being in league with Rosemary. Paul comforts an upset Gray and there’s a charged moment between them…

Scarlett is still determined to win Daz , despite her hair dye disaster, and Victoria can’t resist winding her up. Victoria lies to Scarlett that Daz is a huge fan of Will Young, Take That and James Blunt and suggests that she make him a compilation CD.

Pearl moves back into Jacob’s Fold, but the place is ruined by the flood caused by the bailiffs. Betty thinks Pollard should cover the cost and Pearl has a word with David, but he refuses to pay to put it right. Pearl is left wondering what to do and when she finds out that there’s a job going as a postie, she decides to apply.

Also, Viv decides to come up with her own parenting plan to rival the child specialist.