Gray worries about losing Katie

Gray visits Perdy again and finds her in a terrible mental state and he worries she may do something stupid. Gray is shocked and he promises to help and reveals that he still cares for her. Katie is suspicious about where Gray has been again and they end up having an argument. Gray slips up and calls a gutted Katie ‘Perdy’. Gray panics when Katie blurts out that she doesn’t know if their relationship will ever work.

Laurel and Ashley argue over Ashley’s insistence that he wants to know if they are Arthur’s parents. After arriving back with no news from the hospital, Ashley is interrupted by a desperate Hilary who informs him that Mel and Greg are planning to move to Spain permanently. Ashley is fearful he may never see Arthur again.

Matthew discovers that Eli has stolen manure from Home Farm and sold it for a handsome profit. Matthew confronts Eli and threatens to go to the police unless Eli gives him a share. Eli is less than impressed by Matthew’s threats and later in the day, a furious Matthew discovers that his car has been covered in manure!

Also, Jo starts losing business when a client cancels a big order.