Grayson kisses Paul

Paul feels sorry for Grayson, who has been in a terrible state since Perdy’s departure and he invites him out for lunch. Gray downs the booze and when Matthew goads him about Perdy, Gray storms out in a drunken rage. Paul tries to comfort Gray when he admits Rosemary’s evil deception and Gray passionately kisses him. Paul is stunned by their kiss but he makes a quick exit, confused by his feelings for Gray.

Lexi discovers that Daz has been buying provisions at the village shop and, suspicious, she follows him into the woods. Lexi finds Scarlett and she drags her back home. Scarlett is disappointed when Lexi doesn’t come in with her and she blames Carrie for driving Lexi away.

Kelly is on edge after Jimmy spends time with Carrie searching for the missing Scarlett and she worries that Carrie has told Jimmy about her abortion. Jimmy confesses that Carrie has told her that she’s Lexi’s mum and Kelly is delighted with the information. Kelly warns Carrie that she knows her secret and if she ever tells Jimmy about the abortion, then she’ll tell Scarlett everything.

Also, Jack worries about his marriage; Zak lets Eli move into Wishing Well.