The Great British Bake Off – C4

The remaining bakers tackle bread week, including an ambitious Showstopper that is the largest bread sculpture challenge ever set in the tent

The bakers take on three fiendish challenges in GBBO Bread Week!

Paul Hollywood’s in his element, prowling the tent, watching them make Chelsea buns.

Then it’s a technical with one of the shortest time limits ever seen on the show, followed by a marathon showstopper.

The bakers have a whopping five hours to make a ‘korovai’, a tiered sweet bread.

The results are spectacular, but who’ll ‘knead’ a shoulder to cry on when they’re sent home?

Noel fielding and Judges Prue Leith on GBBO

Noel fielding and judge Prue Leith

Noel Fielding told TV Times: ‘It’s weird being in a mainstream zone. People who watched The Mighty Boosh knew what I’m 
like, but usually it was alternative people who liked our stuff. Now it’s cab drivers and shopkeepers who talk to me!

‘People don’t realise they’re being rude, but they say, 
”I thought you were going to ruin Bake Off, but it’s great!” A lot of kids are watching the series, which is great, and they come up to me 
in the bakery near where I live.

TV Times rating: *****