Great British Bake Off – C4

For the very first time on the show, vegan week takes place, and judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood have set three very different challenges to test the remaining bakers

One of our favourite things about this show is that the producers aren’t afraid to mix tradition with new ideas.

So while tonight offers the same camaraderie, beautiful mixing bowls and tongue in cheek tomfoolery as we’ve come to expect, it’s also the tent’s first ever vegan week!

This leaves our bakers wondering how to serve up a savoury pastry signature and a scrummy showstopper without eggs, milk or butter.

Sounds like a near-impossible challenge, but you’ll be stunned by what they can do with the help of a little chickpea water!


Paul loves tofu… Noel suggests he writes a book

TV Times caught up with judges Paul Hollywood, 52, and Prue Leith, 78, Noel Fielding, 45, and Sandi Toksvig, 60, who reveal more about the landmark episode…

What was your first reaction to the idea of a vegan week?

Paul The themes are quite different this year anyway, and vegan week is a first. We’ve had challenges before with elements like no sugar or gluten-free, but this is the first 
time we’ve had a whole week of it.

Prue I think vegan week is easier than gluten-free, working without gluten is really hard.

I confess that I have never made a gluten-free loaf of bread that anyone would want to eat – I find it impossible! But vegan food can be absolutely delicious.

Paul loves tofu.

I love it, yeah, best thing ever.

Watch out for, ‘My Love 
Affair with Tofu’ by Paul Hollywood – it’s the stocking filler to end all stocking fillers!

Do you think it’s important that Bake Off caters for different dietary requirements?

Noel I feel very deeply that we should, I quite like the idea of vegan week. It’s tough for the bakers but I know a lot of vegans, so I feel the pain of their dairy-free life. It’s really nice that we’re doing something 
for those guys isn’t it?

 It’s quite a lot about contact and experience when it comes to veganism, because the people who have vegan sisters or friends have just sailed through the challenges, whereas others have had to do a lot more work, so it’s been interesting.

But the way we all talk 
about vegans, it’s like they’re unicorns! I saw one once… it 
looked just like us.

The full feature is available in this week’s TV Times on sale 2 October.

TV Times rating: ****