US army officer Matt Damon is suspicious about the intelligence on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Reuniting with his Bourne Supremacy/Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass for this thrilling drama, Damon’s on great form as US Army Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller, who goes on the hunt for the truth about weapons of mass destruction.

Brendan Gleeson, as gruff CIA man Martin Brown, and Greg Kinnear, as nasty Pentagon man Clark Poundstone, also make their performances count.

Perhaps it’s a shame that the riveting thriller story sometimes gives way to the film’s tub-thumping political intentions, with its strong anti-American tones and impeccable liberal credentials. Greengrass’ familiar hand-held wobbly camera shots give the impression of you-are-there immediacy, but do go on a bit.

Nevertheless, this is an exciting movie, with plenty of heart-pounding action as well as food for thought.