Greg and Sahira argue – then kiss!

Greg is taken aback to discover that he’s in charge of Darwin ward today, but he agrees to let Sahira go and pick up her son, leaving him short-staffed. When Elliot informs him that there has been an RTA involving a woman and a young child, Greg starts to panic thinking that it’s Sahira.

Sahara makes an appearance to the relief of her colleagues, but Greg is infuriated, raging that she was inconsiderate not telling anyone she was all right and, as they argue, Greg kisses Sahira. Will this drive an even bigger wedge between the pair?

Meanwhile, Malick tells Chantelle she must be on form, as Holby is in the running for Financial Trust status. Wanting to run a happy ship, Chantelle tries in vain to get rid of a patient who has been discharged, but feels guilty when she realises the woman has been diagnosed with cancer.

Frieda is gutted having to work with a brusque Luc for the first time, given she knows about Eddi’s transfer to another ward. Things are awkward between the two as they disagree on the treatment of a patient. Frieda ends up lying to avoid the wrath of Luc, but is surprised at his response.