Greg calls on Steph for help

Steph and Libby’s relationship deteriorates and Libby is devastated when Steph returns her bridesmaid’s dress. Steph finds a welcome distraction to her troubles when she pitches her idea for an all male fashion parade to raise money for breast cancer. But Veronica becomes even more threatened by Steph after her successful pitch and after an unsuccessful plea to Greg to give their marriage another chance, Veronica freezes the marital bank accounts. Steph’s ‘go slow’ policy with Greg is thrown out the window when he arrives needing a place to stay. |

Rachel dives whole-heartedly into her recording career and Donna begins to train her for her upcoming media appearances. All the teens pitch in but Bridget is reluctant – she can’t understand why Rachel is chasing her dream while Zeke is still missing. Rachel asks Bridget for support. She needs friendship right now, not judgement. Bridget eventually comes on board but Rachel is even more surprised and relieved when she wins the support of Karl and Susan as well.

Miranda has arranged for Rebecca to move in to the Parker house. At first, Steve refuses but when he sees the bond Rebecca has with Bridget and her commitment to the baby he relents and welcomes her to the Parker house.

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