Greg considers his future

Tess is struggling to run a department of work-to-rule nurses, and gets a surprise when Kelsey turns up to do overtime as an agency nurse. Meanwhile, Ruby, a little girl previously helped by Greg, arrives with her parents to give chocolates and flowers to the staff that looked after her.

Elsewhere, a graffiti artist falls from a bridge into the road below, causing a massive crash. Greg arrives at the scene but struggles to deal with the situation on his own. Working his way through the injured, he discovers the car belonging to Ruby and her parents, who were on their way back from delivering presents to A&E.

As the number of casualties forces Tess to close the department, Greg confides in Dixie that he felt helpless at the crash site and doesn’t want to do the job anymore. Dixie consoles him, but Greg is adamant – he wants to leave Holby.

Also, Abs pressures Kelsey into sticking with the work-to-rule.