Greg is jealous of Steph’s easy-going friendships with the men of Ramsay Street. Although assured by Steph that he has nothing to worry about, Greg can’t control himself at a neighbourly get together and embarrasses Steph publicly by accusing her of fooling around with Lucas.

Sunny helps Ringo write a far more passionate, truthful love letter to Donna which completely floors Donna and romance between the two looks like it’s back on track. Desperate to keep Donna, Ringo enlists Sunny to write more letters, however not knowing what is going on Zeke sees the two speaking secretly and presumes the worst.

When Zeke finds out the truth, he doesn’t feel any better! How can Sunny be so passionate when talking about someone else when she’s so shy with him? So Zeke strikes a deal; he’ll keep Ringo’s secret if he gets to read the letters Sunny writes for Donna. What will Donna do if she finds out the beautiful love letters are not actually from Ringo?

After being unable to establish trust with the Ramsay kids, Susan enlists the counselling expertise of Dan. Dan connects with Harry through basketball, and earns his trust. But when Dan offers help, Harry backtracks.

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