It’s Greg’s first day with the rapid-response team and he’s got something to prove. But he soon discovers that it’s not going to be an easy ride. First he visits Mrs Watts, a pensioner who’s suffering from dementia and can’t remember calling 999. Then he has to deal with a boy who’s been car-surfing.

Impressed with Ruth’s work in the ED, Adam suggests she join Greg in the Rapid Response Vehicle. Back in the ED, Ruth and Kelsey are treating a patient. When Kelsey takes too long to draw up some medicine, Ruth decides to do it herself but administers the wrong drug. She tries to fix her mistake – but will it work?

Later, after a day of call-outs to Mrs Watts, Greg arranges to meet Jodie, a mate of the car-surfer. Greg arrives to find her suffering from breathing difficulties and, while waiting for an ambulance, Greg’s forced to treat her himself. Jodie is eventually taken to the ED where Greg watches the team battle to resuscitate her.