Greg quits Holby!

After finding out that teenager Lucy Haines was being sexually abused by her father, Greg’s shocked when Patrick Haines is brought into Holby as a stab victim. Having been sexually abused himself when he was 14, Greg urged Lucy to do something about her own abuse. But when 15-year-old Lucy turns up at the hospital distressed, Greg realises she’s stabbed her dad.

When Lucy refuses to tell the police about her abuse, Greg confronts Patrick, who questions his interest in his daughter, claiming Lucy only told him she was abused to ease the pain of his own past ordeal.

While Greg tells Elliot that Lucy told him she’d been abused, Patrick suggests to a nurse that Greg is having an inappropriate relationship with his daughter. When Patrick’s condition deteriorates, Greg hesitates before reviving him and Elliot orders him out of surgery.

When Hanssen tells Greg an accusation of abuse has been made against him, Greg tells him it’s Lucy’s dad – not him – who’s been abusing her. Hanssen understands, but must sack Greg for neglecting Patrick. As Greg prepares to leave, will he be able to let go of his past?

Meanwhile, with a complaint about a patient’s death hanging over him, Malick is distracted on the ward, wondering if he can survive yet another black mark against his name.

Also, Michael has a day off to spend with Jasmine before she moves to the States, but his plans for a day of bonding go awry when work interferes yet again.