Greg returns to Ramsay Street

Steph is excited about Greg’s return, and even more so when he reveals he has accepted a job in Melbourne, so he’s staying for good. Steph decides to ask Greg to move in with her but is thrown when he suggests that she think about extending their brand new family.

Bridget and Declan can’t see eye to eye and start bickering like an old married couple. Declan decides to get some space and takes Steph up on her offer to stay the night. Toadie offers Declan some advice; to take his frustrations out on the footy field, not on Bridget.

Bridget decides to head back to the bridal shop to take the dress off lay-by. Donna comes up with a plan to bring the feuding couple back together again. Unwilling to throw everything away over this one issue, Bridget comes up with an unusual compromise: a contract commitment, witnessed by their friends.

Lucas thinks Elle’s ‘Granny Annie’ had a hot affair with Max Ramsay as there is a mystery child involved in Helen Daniels’ will. There’s no way to find out what happened to the baby as Elle refuses to tell Paul or to face the possibility of discovering more skeletons in the Robinson family closet.

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