Before Grenfell: A Hidden History

How the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy exposed a huge wealth divide in North Kensington, one of the capital's richest boroughs

The Grenfell Tower fire killed 72 residents and shocked the nation.

But it also highlighted the huge gap between rich and poor in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea, home to oligarchs, billionaires and celebrities, as well as estates with some of the highest levels of child poverty in Britain.

This film tells the story of the borough’s working-class community who have lived in the area for generations, dealing with disease-ridden slums, the Blitz, race riots and now 
the Grenfell tragedy.

Before Grenfell: A Hidden History – Allan Tyrrell was born in North Kensington in 1943.

It hears moving accounts from some of Grenfell’s residents, including Allan Tyrrell and Ishmael Francis Murray (top picture) who was born in Grenfell Tower in 1982, and reveals how the area has been divided since Victorian times, when lavish homes were first built next to one of the worst slums in London.

TV Times rating: ****