*Second episode

After telling the doctors not to resuscitate his wife if the situation arises, Pollard sits at Val’s bedside sobbing. Thinking he’s all but lost his wife, the desperate B&B owner’s prayers are answered when Val rallies and comes to! Is her ordeal over?

Debbie’s more stressed out than ever when Andy comes to visit their kids. Looking dishevelled, the grieving farmer’s in a right state, leaving daddy’s girl Sarah feeling even more adrift from her dad.

Already struggling to pay the bills, Pearl’s in bits when she chips a tooth. Assuming she’s not going to be able to afford to see a dentist, a call to the bank reveals her money problems are even worse than she feared. Unaware their receptionist is struggling for cash, Rhona and Paddy ask Pearl to lock up the vets’ surgery, handing her a signed blank cheque to fill out…