Doing the right thing by Kate, Toadie takes Kate down to the police station where she’s told about Mark’s death. Upset, she runs out, and goes for a walk. Back at home, Kate loses her cool and sends a mug flying across the kitchen, and when Sophie comes home, talking about the music camp she wants to attend, she finds herself on the receiving end of Kate’s turmoil.

Needing to get out of the house, Kate heads to the art project and starts trashing it. Noah’s there and she breaks down in front of him. But things take a wrong turn when Kate kisses him, giving Noah the wrong impression.

Toadie’s relieved to tell Callum and Sonya that Kate knows so they no longer have to keep such a big secret. Upset for Kate, Callum wants to do something for her and asks Sonya to help him make cookies. When Toadie buys Callum and brand new laptop, Sonya’s not impressed, telling him he can’t buy Callum off, instead of spending time with him.

Rhys tries to persuade Jade and Kyle to chip in for a BBQ so they can have friends over, and more importantly for Rhys, the head of surgery, who he’s still trying to impress.