Grieving Lily endangers lives!

It’s a tough week for doctor Lily as she attends the funeral of her father, after his shock death. During the course of the episode, glimpses into Lily’s upbringing are revealed and a lot is explained about the ambitious doctor…

After the funeral Lily explains her remorse at not qualifying as a consultant before her pushy dad passed away. Her mother is left shocked, however, when Lily then decides to return to work, as Holby City ED is short staffed.

Back at the hospital, Lily insists to clinical lead Connie, work will help her through her grief. Yet during the shift it’s clear Lily’s struggling. When she endangers a seriously ill patient Connie’s forced to send the ambitious young doctor home…

Also this week, Rita and Iain’s relationship becomes more serious, Charlie returns to work and helps grieving Tony (EastEnders’ Neil McDermott) and his young daughter.

Meanwhile, Cal is literally left holding the baby since Taylor turned up. Ethan insists he needs to get a paternity test done immediately, and Cal agrees, but it’s clear he’s already fallen for the little girl, who he names Matilda after their mother.

Elsewhere, Dixie comes clean to Iain about the adoption board turning down her application. And, in order to spare Lofty’s feelings, Dylan decides to move on and take Dervla with him after Robyn accidentally reveals she wants him to move out!