Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Sid and Roo are finding it difficult to organise dinner plans with his busy work schedule, but when they finally manage to enjoy a romantic evening they are interrupted… by Sid’s ex wife Jody. She soon points out that they never actually got divorced!

Leah and Miles decide to keep the pregnancy secret for a while. But both of them have confided in Roo and Alf, who are sworn to secrecy. But when the pair realise they both know, they can’t help but talk about it. Colleen overhears and becomes very protective over Leah, not letting her do anything in the diner. The happy couple soon realise that their secret is out, so they tell VJ. He’s unenthusiastic.

Brax is still in hospital recovering. Charlie must deal with her duty to get to the bottom of the stabbing, plus the bombshell that Brax has a daughter… and the fact she is still in love with him. Brax is completely thrown by Tegan’s news and wants a DNA test. When Charlie finally brings herself to tell Brax she still has feelings for him, she finds him in despair over the years he might have lost with his daughter. She decides not to tell him.