Guilt-ridden Paddy gives Rhona a new ring!

Paddy is riddled with guilt about his one-night-stand with Tess a while back. So when Rhona loses her engagement ring, the vet tries to offset his betrayal. Pretending he’s found it, Paddy gets down on one knee and presents Rhona with a ring. She’s bowled over and brands cheating Paddy ‘the best husband in the world’. As chuffed Rhona goes on to tell her friends, Paddy cringes, feeling hideous for betraying his unknowing wife. Meanwhile, Marlon is down in the dumps about having the wrong number for Chloe so Carly plans to fix it.

Brenda’s excited to hear Nikhil’s back with Molly. She can’t wait to see her granddaughter! But Brenda’s about the only one who’s pleased to see Nik. Jai and Priya are gutted about it as their brother has trumped them to the top job at the factory. Debbie wants to get things straight with Nikhil, but when she tries to talk about Gennie’s death and the crash, Nikhil goes mad. When Ross finds Nik having a go at his girl he lamps him one!

Thinking one of the Whites shot Robert, Lisa doesn’t want her teenage daughter going out with Lachlan. But Belle won’t stop seeing him.