Guilty Alicia punishes Jacob

*First episode*

Alicia wants her son to know right from wrong. And his breaking into Home Farm, no matter that it was in retaliation for Lachlan’s assault, was wrong. But as the worried mum insists he cleans Chrissie’s car as a punishment, she’s consumed with guilt, knowing that Jacob was essentially acting in her defence when he broke into the Whites’ home.

With Donny breathing down her neck and about to take Lachlan back to Scotland with him, Chrissie takes action. Having colluded with bad-boy Barton, Ross, she lures her ex to a hotel promising to hand over the cash he’s asking for. But when Ross’s part in the double-bluff goes wrong, the saga escalates further as Donny’s blackmailer, Charlie, and co turn up, armed and after their dough! With Debbie having been roped into the heist by Ross, the pair end up hiding out in a hotel room…

Finn is left shamefaced when he and Val team up in another issue over Darren.