Guilty Anna confesses to Roy

Owen, still convinced that Anna’s woes are money related, tells Jason he’s selling up, which is overheard by Tony. Anna breaks down in front of Roy and confesses that she’s done something terrible. Roy urges her to tell Owen everything and she tries to resolve herself to do it… 

Carla tells Tina that Peter is due out of rehab on Friday. She’s shocked when Carla says he will die if he doesn’t stop drinking.

Izzy’s worried that they can’t afford the gas bill, so she uses the money Julie gave her for the charity fund to pay for it.

Meanwhile, Andrea tells Lloyd she won’t leave his side, but Jenna is unconvinced. Tim makes a cooking faux-pas by using instant mash for dinner with Sally. Dennis guilt-trips Julie by telling her he’s going to end up living on the streets again.