Brad asks Terese if she minds if he visits Lauren and, although she agrees, her insecurities flare up. He confesses to Lauren that Matt’s final words to her were that he was to look after her and he intends to do just that. Meanwhile, Terese advises Sharon to stay away from Lauren, lest she cause her more pain, Terese assumes she has diverted a train-wreck, but Sharon, determined to assuage her guilt, visits Lauren anyway.

Tyler and Naomi share a drink and commiserate over Brennan’s behaviour, while Brennan delivers Matt’s personal belongings from the station to Lauren, who tells him to stop pushing people away. Taking heed, Brennan seeks out Naomi and Tyler, only to discover Tyler hanging around with Dimato’s associates. Brennan tries to pull Tyler into line, but when Dimato’s associates invite Tyler and Nate to join them for beers, Tyler jumps at the chance.

Smarting after Brennan’s bad treatment of her, Naomi happily agrees when Susan requests that she help Nate get over his Chris heartbreak. She and Tyler drag the couch-bound Nate out of the house and into some impromptu basketball action, which helps him forget his pain.