Guilty Declan waits for news on comatose Megan

Megan is still in a coma and Declan is beside himself with guilt. He knows his crazed arson attempt has put his sister’s life in jeopardy and he’s close to cracking up. Robbie’s determined to wheedle his uncle’s secret out of him, while police have questions they want to ask, too. Meanwhile, Charity’s on the case, determined to use the Home Farm fire to her advantage. Wanting Rachel and Archie out of her life, she’s planning to force them to leave town by framing Sam for the crime. But first she must find out what he’s told the police.

With James sniffing around Moira, Cain wants to take her away from Butler’s for the night and show his girlfriend just how romantic he can be. Though Moira’s resistant, Cain’s persistence gets her wondering what he’s planning.

New Year’s Eve parties are being arranged in the village. Kerry wants to hold a Diva fancy dress at her place while at the Woolie, there will be a Gangsters and Molls bash.