Kat feels guilt ridden about her one-night-stand a few weeks ago. Alfie can see that Kat isn’t happy, but not realising the reason behind it, he encourages her to have a night out with Kim. Kat reluctantly goes out, but start to feel even more awful about cheating on Alfie. Kat returns home and confesses to Alfie she was unfaithful…

Phil gets another envelope from his stalker, this time a cutting about the homeless man dying in the car lot fire. Phil thinks Janine might be to blame as Phil did the job for Janine’s late dad Frank, who owned the car lot at the time. Phil threatens Janine, who denies she sent the photographs. Janine is curious about what Phil is hiding. Janine asks Pat if she knows what happened in the car lot fire. Pat agrees to tell her the truth.

Billy is furious when 20 pounds goes missing from his wallet and he finds Lola in a brand new pair of boots. Lola promises Billy that she’ll find a job, but Billy doesn’t believe her. When Billy later finds her selling Christmas decorations he accuses her of stealing them. Lola explains that she’s working for Tyler and Billy feels bad for not trusting her.