Waking up in bed with each other, hungover Adam and Vanessa immediately regret what they’ve done. And their bad feelings are set to get worse as their unaware exes, Victoria and Kirin, both set out to get their relationships back on track! Racked with guilt over their one-night-stand, Adam and Vanessa must decide whether to keep schtum or ‘fess up as they take their partners back.

When Laurel hears Kerry’s throwing a party for Dan, she instantly goes off the idea of going away with Marlon and the kids. After wangling her way out of going to the wedding in London, Laurel’s booze problem turns public as she makes a complete show of herself at Dan’s do.

Elsewhere, Val gets a mouthful from Emma after she’s outed as the vandal who trashed Darren’s car. Will she be able to right her wrongs?