Ned misreads the signals from Carmella and tells her he still fancies her. Carmella lets him down gently, but he feels foolish. Later, he feels even worse when Rachel berates him for deserting Katya in her hour of need, and he takes his guilt out on Carmella. Realising Rachel is right, Ned visits Katya in hospital where he apologises to her, but doesn’t notice Katya moving a few fingers in response.

Susan is shocked when Karl agrees that Sky has cause for complaint, and lobbies Sky to change her minds about reporting Karl to the medical board. She’s relieved when Sky decides to retract her complaint, but is lost for words when Karl informs her he has given his medical career up for good.

Desperate Guy continues to befriend an oblivious Rachel in an effort to know where Katya may have hidden the cash. When he discovers she was seeing Ned, he decides to break into number 30 to search for the money. But he’s caught by Zeke.

Also, Lou hatches a plot to reunite with Mishka by becoming a flight attendant, and lands an interview with an airline, certain his age won’t get in the way. And Dylan finally accepts Stingray as an important part of Kerry’s life.