Chas, Hazel, Cain and Jerry watch and listen as the Prosecution and Defence barristers lay out the facts to the jury as they see them. Chas, Hazel and Cain are praying for a ‘Not guilty’ verdict. Jerry wants Aaron to rot in prison. With all the talking done, the jury retires to consider the case of the young man who killed his crippled lover. Did Aaron really act out of love? Or did he have a selfish desire to be free of Jackson? That’s what they have to decide…

Amy has to decide if she’s going to let Jared continue to blackmail her or if she’s going to come clean about her murky past. Honesty is always the best policy, but Amy’s not convinced. So, if she’s going to keep quiet and if she wants to keep Jared quiet she has to get the money Jared is demanding for his silence.

While Amy frets about her future in Emmerdale Scarlett has decided her future is elsewhere. She’s off to Mexico for some sun, sea and Tequila and then on to Canada to live with her mum.

*Second episode*

Well, they’ve had time to think about Aaron’s case and now the 12 good men and women of the jury are ready to deliver their verdict. Hazel, Chas, Cain… they all rush back into court to hear whether Aaron is found guilty or not guilty. Aaron stands in the dock, broken and scared. Did he do the right thing by Jackson? He doesn’t know any more and he’s shocked when the jury announce their decision…

Debbie’s shocked when she finds another bruise on Sarah. Samson has said he didn’t hit Sarah so where are the bruises coming from? She’s worried and so is Andy, but he still tells Debbie and Cameron he might be moving to Spain.

Amy’s worried about what deep, dark secrets Jared might reveal about her. She needs money to keep those secrets secret and goes on the rob to get it – and she picks an easy target: Val and Pollard! She smashes a window in their lovely new home and nicks Val’s jewellery. Oh, Amy! That’s called ‘biting the hand that feeds you’ – and keeps you out of nasty foster homes. Amy’s not proud of herself, but she’s desperate.